HYPEMAN CRUNK aka Mr. Loudmouf” as his intro to the Hypeman Crunk Internet Radio Show states is a Tennessee DJ. Hypeman Crunk started his masterpiece of DJing by chance, but that one disaster of his DJ leaving him high and dry was actually a blessing in disguise. Hypeman Crunk first started out as a MC in the surrounding clubs outside of Memphis, TN in 1997. It was then that he was introduced to MC Supreme Hype­O, who showed him how to put his passion into action and always give it his all. They worked together MCing and later met DJ Howard Kew and partnered up to do their first live Broadcast outside of Memphis, TN.

It was by fate that one night the DJ left unexpectedly and left Hypeman Crunk there with the turntables to fend for himself, Hypeman Crunk got on the turntables and made it happen; luckily he had skills on the mic so any mistakes were quickly covered up by his MC expertise. However, once the turntables entered his life, he was drawn to them, practicing on a regular basis. Practice does make perfect because Hypeman Crunk is now one of the most sought after DJ’s in Tennessee. He currently has his own Radio show through the XSquad DJ Network from 11:30pm to 1:30am called The Hypeman Crunk Show. He is the regular DJ at one of the hottest clubs in Tennessee called X­Factor and for Party Boys. But his list of works don’t stop there, Hypeman Crunk is currently working on an all female mixtape called ALL PURE NO KUTTT plus he is hosting a hosts of mixtapes for other artists such as Candi Rede’s “Welcome to Candiland”,and Mz. Nay “The Life of Mz. Nay” MISS CHEE MEN ON PAUSE just to name a few. He is also the primary DJ for DURT BOI an up and coming artist.

Hypeman Crunk has also extended his skills to business with his entertainment company, Loudmouf Entertainment, Not only does Hypeman Crunk help the up and coming indie artist, but make no mistake about he has also hosted concerts for a plethora of well known artist such as Lil Boosie and Young Buck of Playa Fly, Gorilla Zoe, Yo Gotti, and Ms. Coco Brown and interviewed one of the most famous rappers of No Limit Records, Mystikal right after he was released from prison as well as a host of other artist and models and the list continues to grow! Hypeman Crunk is also well connected in the world of DJ’s; he is affiliated with COOLRUNNING DJS & TEAMMBIGGARANKIN and Hypeman Crunk is known for breaking new artist music in the industry and as the saying goes, “what’s a true DJ if he ain’t breaking new artist” and DJ Hypeman Crunk definitely earns the right to call himself a “true DJ”. So if you want the hottest, hypest and crunkest party and/or event make sure you book none other than HYPEMANCRUNK